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Every adventure at Fly Guys Watersports starts with 10 minutes of base instruction. We will go through all the safety aspects of flyboarding and then give you the basic stances and principles of actually flying. Each person tends to fly differently, some are toe-heavy and some are heel-heavy. We will find this out once we are out in the water and the instructor will help correct your mistakes on the spot. Once the guest can prove his/her ability to control their flight, we can then move to more advanced maneuvers like dolphin dives. Only one person will fly at a time. It’s safer and it also allows for spectators to take pictures and see what’s to come for themselves.

Reservation Info:
(except special events)

Address – 1450 Harbor Island Dr
Arrival Time – Please arrive at your reserved time. You do not need to be early.
Arrival Location – Please wait by the waterfall for our guides to assist you.
Deposit – No security deposit required.
Parking – There is paid parking available onsite

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