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Reservation Info:

Address – 1450 Harbor Island Dr
Arrival Time – Please arrive at your reserved time. You do not need to be early.
Arrival Location – Please wait by the waterfall for our guides to assist you.
Launch – Your jet skis will be on water waiting for you. No additional steps required.
Deposit – No security deposit required.
Parking – Paid parkingĀ is available onsite. We can not guarantee validation.

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Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

When you make a reservation, we will charge your credit card immediately for the full cost of the rental. Because we have a high demand and limited equipment, we pack the schedule very tightly. We offer a 48-hour period before your reservation to make changes or cancel (unless you used a voucher which we can not cancel), after which you will not be able to alter your reservation.

Please understand that there are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. We don’t mean to sound heartless, but you would be amazed at the number of last-minute deaths in the family, serious illnesses, sick pets, sick mother-in-laws, rabid dogs, and falling skies that people tell us about. (One guy’s father has died three times in the past year. Bad karma.) So once again, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN WE CANCEL/RESCHEDULE A RESERVATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION.


All renters must be physically present at the start of the rental. We do not allow 3rd parties to pick up jet skis and our employees can not deliver the jet skis to you.

Age Limit

Jet ski rentals require the driver of each jet ski to be 18 years of age. Children riding on the back must be 10 years of age. There are no exceptions. The waterways are dangerous, and it will make you a bad parent if you bring your 0-9 year old to ride on the jet skis, and they will be very sad when we have to turn them away. We also can not refund you for failing to understand this regulation. Please be understanding, we are trying to protect your family.

Weather Policy

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather (as much as we have tried – but that darn Vulcan Weather Satellite just doesn’t work like it used to). That means, as per the cancellation policy above, we cannot offer refunds or rescheduling if the skies decide not to play nice. Such examples include: there is a cloud so I do not want to go, I will get sick because it is only 68 degrees, or the “the weather isn’t good at my location so it must not be good where you are. However, if there is a weather condition on a particular day that might make jet skiing dangerous (i.e. snow, hail, ice, hurricane, tornado, alien attack, etc.) we will contact you to inform you of our decision that it is unsafe to jet ski and we will reschedule you.

Damage Policy:

You agree you are the cardholder and agree to have your card charged in the event that you occur damages during your rental. The price of repairs is $50 per square inch of fiberglass, plus parts, and may also be charged loss of income. You also understand the minimum damage charges of $100 if you crash into any boats or rocks. You agree to waive your right to dispute the charge with your cardholder or an additional $250 filing fee will be added. Failure to pay any damages will result in your account being forwarded to small claims (or courthouse if applicable).

Late Fee:
If you return the jet skis after your return time, you will be charged $1.33+tax per minute per jet ski.